Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea. Taekwondo is the world's most popular martial art in terms of the number of practitioners. Its popularity has resulted in the varied development of the martial art into several domains: as with many other arts, it combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, meditation, and philosophy.

Benefits of learning Taekwondo

  1. Enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers.
  2. Build confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life.
  3. Develop discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind in the tenets and techniques of Taekwondo.
  4. Teach self-defense by training you to recognize situations in which physical self-defense may be necessary, and teaching you how to control such situations to your advantage.
  5. Strengthen your mind and body through increased physical coordination and mental discipline.

Muay Thai
Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport. Muay Thai is referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs" or the "Science Of Eight Limbs" because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. A practitioner of Muay Thai is known as a "nak muay". The goal of Muay Thai training is the development of the whole self.

Benefit of learning Muay Thai

  • Physical Benefits:
    A Well-Proportioned Body, Strength and Agility Resistance to illness
  • Mental Benefits:
    Courage, Determination and Self-Confidence
    Intelligence and Wisdom
    Discipline and Good Spirit
  • Social Benefits:
    The proper maintenance of health will compliment the martial tactics acquired. In circumstances, a Muay Thai practitioner will be indoctrinated on the subject of discipline, respect for rules of the school and obedience to the instructor. This will lead to the possession of good manners, good spirit, honesty, sense of justice and self·confidence

Kick Boxing
Kickboxing  refers to the sport of kicking and punching

Benefit of Kick Boxing

  • Keeping your body fit - According to a study by the ACE, you can burn anywhere from 350 to 450 calories an hour with kickboxing.
  • Kickboxing also reduces and relieves stress. It's rigorous workout — controlled punching and kicking movements carried out with the discipline and skills required for martial arts — can do wonders for feelings of frustration and anger.
  • Practicing kickboxing moves can also help to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.
  • Kickboxing is also a great way to get a total body workout while learning simple self-defense moves.
  • Kickboxing fans say the sport helps them to feel more empowered and confident.


Ladies Kickboxing
Fun, effective and sweaty program for all ladies who are looking to be in shape, lose weight, and learn self-defence.


Elite Cardio
Elite Cardio training is a high intensity workout. Cardio workouts are one of the most effective form of weight loss exercise as well as increasing the stamina, heart rate and metabolism which is a key element for weight loss.


Yoga is an ancient practice that helps create a sense of union in body, mind, and spirit. It brings us balance, it gives you a toned, flexible, and strong body. Improves respiration, energy, and vitality.
Helps you look and feel younger than your age. Improves your athletic performance.Add new paragraph


MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts classes focus on understanding how to fight on your feet when your opponent can take you down, and how to fight on the ground when your opponent can hit you...etc train with one of the best ONE FC fighters in our Gym.



We train all levels, from complete beginners to pro martial artist
and fighters.
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